Water slide transfer paper

How to make clear water decal. The clear decals are made in the same way as the white decals with the following exceptions. Using the foam pad removed the excess fluid off and over the edge of the paper and onto a piece of cardboard, and then discard the cardboard. This leaves a thick and even coating on the image.

Water slide transfer paper

Allow it to dry well - four hours to overnight. You can try toasting it to speed things up but I don't recommend that. Consider it another opportunity for practicing patience.

Give it a clear aerosol spray sealing. Apply any clear spray lightly the first time to seal and avoid bleeding, the repeat two or three times, allowing each coat to dry. It will be wet, then sticky, then tacky, so allow it to dry in a covered area free from airborne particles.

It must be smooth, clean and dry. Cut out the image. Soak it briefly in clean warm water, about seconds. When the thin decal film begins to slip along backing, s l i d e one edge slightly off edge. Lay the backing paper in position on your item.

Glass, ceramic, wood; furniture, walls, stationery. Images will show up best on a light background. Mercator the edges to fit curves. You may cut sheet into half if desired. Set your printer preferences: Spray your printed sheet evenly with Clear High Gloss spray like Krylon until the sheet has a glossy finish.

Follow directions on can to apply 3 even coats. Dry between each coat. Any acrylic clear coat spray will work. Step 3 - 5: Cut out your image, soak and apply to clean dry surface.Recommended for laser printers, this water slide transfer paper is great for cold application to hard goods.

CAD-COLOUR® Translide® Clear Laser Transfer Paper. Transfer Express® Transfer Paper Experts™. DIY Transfer Decal Tutorial. November 21, Comments. with waterslide paper and ordered some from eBay, but I just can’t get it to work! No matter how long I soak the paper in water–30 seconds, a minute, 5 minutes, or even longer–the decal never separates from the backing!

How easily is the decal supposed to slide off the. Decals are printed on clear water slide decal paper.

Water slide transfer paper

Laser Custom Decals Terms & Conditions You are responsible for the quality of original artwork reproduction, color setup, color separations in spot color, color trapping, turning all fonts to outlines, artwork margins & file setup.

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