The importance of emotional intelligence when working in the hospitality industry

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The importance of emotional intelligence when working in the hospitality industry

How important do you think communication is in the hospitality industry? In order for us to really dialogue well with our guests, we have to take out some of the noise that is in the background. That is usually related to communication challenges between front of house and back of house and how management interact with their staff.

A lot of these things impact our ability to deliver a great experience for the guest. What can a manager do to create a better team environment?

One of the great things about hospitality and also one of the greatest challenges is that a lot of managers grew up through the ranks. So their idea of what it means to be a good leader in a restaurant tends to be based on how they were lead.

As a manager, put yourself on the front line. I know as a leader you have a lot going on, so you may lose sight of how difficult it can be in the hospitality business. I used to always say: Do you have advice for managers on resolving conflicts between staff members?

Conflict is usually based on how you perceive conflict. After that, we can dial it back and say: A lot of the time the conflict is based on differences in styles and views of the world.

Do you find there are particular issues between different generations, for example Millennials as opposed to Gen X employees? You know, when I hear people talk about different generations it kind of drives me a little bit crazy. Every group has different styles within them.

But it seems like millennials are more assertive, whereas before people just kind of kept their nose to the grindstone and got the job done. By understanding what emotional intelligence means you can hear the meaning behind what people are saying.

Listening is an area we struggle with in the hospitality industry. Emotional intelligence helps you to understand what is meant and how to work with that. Does that come into play in dealing with customers as well? That person can anticipate that a guest is in a hurry or pick up on any of those little things.

We do a great job training service, but sometimes that creates kind of a robotic experience. Recognize what your customers are telling you without having them tell you. So you have to think about how you can build teamwork in the moment.

A great way to build team work is to recognize and reward team behaviors.Little research has been conducted on emotional intelligence (EI) in the hospitality industry.

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Perhaps the rule book hasn’t been written yet, but I have yet to find the definitive guide to overcoming the unique set of challenges of being a woman, a leader, and a restaurant professional.

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As a young professional, what has been the most valuable part of getting involved with the Lancaster Chamber and YPN?

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The importance of emotional intelligence when working in the hospitality industry
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