Strengths and weaknesses of parliament as a lawmaker essay help

A presidential system such as the USA, in which there is an executive who is directly elected, and a parliamentary system such as the UK, in which the legislature is elected and then the legislature chooses the executive. Some countries have hybrid systems such as Franceand other systems are possible the executive could be folded fully into the legislature, made a council of several Most representative democracies come in one of two types:

Strengths and weaknesses of parliament as a lawmaker essay help

One weakness of parliament is that members are concerned with being re-elected and as such, face high pressure from their electorate and political influence. In order to be retain their position, members must please the majority of their voters and make decisions they believe will reflect majority values and mirror the mores in society.

Due to this reason, parliament may be very hesistant to pass legislation that are deemed too controversial such as same sex marriage and stem cell research due to the fear of isolating their voters and being seen as too radical. Despite this flaw, a strength of parliament is that they are democratically elected by their electorate.

As such, they have a duty to represent the views of the people, make laws to meet the needs of society and be held accountable for their reaction. If this does not occur, the people have the power to demand members of parliament resign or not re-elect them for a second term.

Parliament only sit approximately 70 days per year and due to the lengthy stages require to pass bills, many effective potential pieces of legislation may not receive the opportunity to be passed and implemented.

Due to this delay, when laws are passed by parliament, they may no longer be relevant, up to date or effective. In saying that, as the ultimate law making authority, parliament has been equipped with all necessary resources to make laws. This ensures that laws passed by parliament are understood, well drafted and accepted by the community.

Delegated legislation, the ability for parliament to pass on some of their law making powers to subordinate authorities is another area of concern. Furthermore, having so many subordinate authorities such as the number of local councils means that laws made are often confusing and at times contradictory leading to confusion.

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On the other hand, parliament has the ability to make laws in futuro- for the future. This means that if parliament can foresee an issue or problem arising in society, it can be proactive in responding prior to any negative incidents taking place or a situation becoming worse.

strengths and weaknesses of parliament as a lawmaker essay help

This can be seen in Queensland when the government re-acted to increasing bikie related crimes by introducing legislation to stem bikie groups.

This occurs when the government in power also holds the majority in the Upper House Senate. Bills proposed by government in the Lower House will likely pass due to the number of individuals supporting its passage in the Lower House.

The requirements needed for a bill to become law means that it must be public discussed and debated in the arena that is parliament. This ensures that the opposition, responsible for keeping parliament accountable approves of legislation that is passed ensuring our rights and values are protected and upheld.

Lastly, parliament cannot be expected to foresee all future circumstances resulting in laws being made retrospectively after the fact. What what previously legal and accepted can now be deemed illegal due to new legislation introduced. An example of this would be the changes in Victorian legislation regarding legal abortions to allow women below 24 weeks gestation to obtain lawful abortions.

In the past, there were uncertainty surround this law and what was potentially deemed illegal is now lawful. However, parliament is able to undertake research and consultations through various government funded independant research organisation.

This allows parliament to gain feedback, knowledge and opinions from all areas of the community affected by the legislation.

Inprior to passing laws surrounding abortion, parliament utilised the Victorian Law Reform Commission to undertake research and publish papers which was used to determine the legalisation of abortion. Overall it can be seen that clearly, parliament is not a perfect law making structure.

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Vienna is the most fully enriched location, and seems to be in roughly the same situation as Oslo. Many thanks to Hermes for the translation from There are many strengths and weaknesses with law making through parliament, one strength is that Parliament delegate its power to make laws to expert bodies, for example local councils may make local laws for parliament in their area.

Another strength is that Parliament is able to investigate the whole topic and make a comprehensive law through. The critical habit of thought, if usual in society, will pervade all its mores, because it is a way of taking up the problems of educated in it cannot be stampeded by stump orators They are slow to believe.

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