Should college athletes gpa be raised

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Should college athletes gpa be raised

That's the message Henrico County and Richmond schools are sending about new GPA requirements for students who play sports. Experts say in many cases, raising the bar often translates into success.

In other cases, the answers don't come as easy. On the court, either you've got it or you don't.

NCAA increases minimum eligibility standards for Division I student-athletes

It's his love for the game that keeps him reaching for more, although life sometimes meets obstacles. That's why he transferred schools to get a fresh start in the classroom.

That's the renewed focus for hundreds of student athletes right now. Henrico just raised the requirement to a 2. Reuben May has concerns after talking with young athletes struggling to make the grade.

He believes extra support is critical to make the new plan work. Otherwise, the effects could be devastating. Richmond schools enacted the 2. Henrico, on the other hand, is using next year as a pilot, then making the mandate inoffering extra tutoring to help struggling athletes. May says now the pressure is on the district to do it right.

We're at risk of cutting them loose," he said. Especially when so many student athletes' worlds seem to center around their sport.

Cutting it out of my life would be, I don't know Some people, they're surrounded by bad environments, if they're not doing something they love, they may go into something bad.

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It is what it is," Cain said. That's why he is committing to concentrate so he won't lose focus. Henrico Commonwealth Attorney Shannon Taylor says from a public safety standpoint it's important to keep kids in school.

A goal that can be achieved in part, Dr.

Should college athletes gpa be raised

May adds, by keeping student athletes engaged and able to do what motivates so many of them to succeed. We received a statement from the district's spokesman saying, it will work to empower coaches, teachers, and parents to rally around student athletes in helping them learn to put academics first.

The system is considering changing its grading policy from a seven-point scale to a point scale. Proponents argue this would also help struggling athletes meet the new GPA requirement.The system is considering changing its grading policy from a seven-point scale to a point scale. Proponents argue this would also help struggling athletes meet the new GPA requirement.

College Golf athletes and 94 percent of high school student athletes met the GPA requirement to play fall and winter sports.

should be carefully considered before being raised . Feb 08,  · Do you think that college athletes GPA should be raised from a just to be eligible to play? at most universities the gpa is a some people feel the need to jump on the case that college athletes get alot of help and are able to take tests and exams while on the road for a sports event.

some people even say that teachers pass them just Status: Resolved. Last year, the minimum GPA required for an athlete was a By , the minimum GPA will be a Orange County has instituted a plan that gradually increases the GPA over the next few years.

Nov 22,  · While freshmen only need a GPA to be eligible for competition now, the new rules require student-athletes to have a GPA to have immediate access to competition. Nov 23,  · Athletes who want to play a sport in college may have to start hitting the books harder.

To obtain athletic eligibility out of high school, students will need a minimum GPA of The current.

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