Overseas employment

Teaching is a unique occupation. Even a diplomatic career can't compare with the choices that teachers have! I am definitely spoiled by the small class sizes, relaxed student rules, diligent student body, and incredible parent involvement; not to mention the fabulous never boring city of Berlin. The trains are so great, I hope I never have to drive again.

Overseas employment


Passport Stamping[ edit ] It is necessary for every Pakistani having a work visa to get their passport stamped by the Protectorate of Emigrants, in order to Pakistan. While persons having i are exempted from the Protector. Without a stamped passport, airport personnel in Pakistan will not allow a Pakistani national to take an international flight.

The original purpose of this protection was to get proper data of the emigrant, cover the emigrant through life insurance and to eliminate illegal international travel.

Recognition of Overseas Qualifications ยป NZQA

NICOP is a computerized card for identification of a single person visiting a particular country. This card is issued by NADRANational Database and Registration Authority within 15 days of application submission for urgent applications and within 45 days for normal applications.

This is an important fact that NICOP receipt is necessary for Protectorate of Emigrants department but the original plastic card is not necessary to travel outside Pakistan. An original visa or its photocopy is required.

This is only required for certain countries Mostly in Middle East. Call the Protectorate office and check with them if you need medical examination. There are certain GCC approved medical centers [2] for conducting the medical examination and giving you fitness report that you have to submit at the protectorate office.

In medical examination following test are conducted Eye sight.Searching for Overseas jobs? With job opportunities in part time and full time positions, find Overseas jobs from our growing list of jobs in your area. Search for jobs in Overseas. Browse jobs by location or title, find the right job for you and apply online.

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Compare expat health insurance quotes, foreign exchange brokers and international movers. Warning on cruise ship job scam Filipino workers should be aware of the recurrence of a scam targeting applicants for employment aboard cruise ships.

PHILIPPINE LAWS ON OVERSEAS EMPLOYMENT, Updated legal resources on overseas Filipino employment. Featured on the WWW by Chan Robles & Associates Law Firm.

Determine whether you need your overseas/international qualifications recognised for work, study or immigration purposes or to apply for an interest-free student loan to study overseas.

Overseas employment
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