Narayana hrudayalaya heart hospital cardiac care for the poor

This chain operates the largest telemedicine networks in the whole world. The hospital happens to be the flagship hospital at NH Health City. It is a premium healthcare facility excelling in various critical heart surgeries.

Narayana hrudayalaya heart hospital cardiac care for the poor

Narayana Hrudayalaya is Walmart meets Mother Teresa. But it has expanded since then into what founder Dr.

Narayana hrudayalaya heart hospital cardiac care for the poor

Its telemedicine practice, in which each surgeon has Skype on his laptop, extends its reach even further, to facilities throughout the country and more than 50 in Africa. Expanding access is paired with a relentless focus on efficiency.

Typically, says Shetty, private hospitals in India focus on patients who can easily afford treatment.

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We look at them as customers. The company mostly family owned, with JPMorgan among a handful of investors negotiates for better prices and buys directly from manufacturers, cutting out distributors. Starting with cardiac care, an equipment-intensive specialty, made it easier for the hospital group to expand into other areas that require the same infrastructure.

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Patients Without Borders: The Rise of Medical Tourism | The Daily Sheeple What if hospitals were run like a mix of Wal-Mart and a low-cost airline? The result might be something like the chain of "no-frills" Narayana Hrudayalaya clinics in southern India.

Operations typically last four hours unless complications arise The company targets even routine inefficiencies. A beefed-up support staff handles the onerous paperwork for surgeons, freeing Shetty and his colleagues to perform more operations than a typical cardiac surgeon would, about a dozen a week.

And because they work on a fixed salary instead of per operation, the cost to the hospital drops when the number of procedures increases. The company started a micro-insurance program backed by the government that enables 3 million farmers to have coverage for as little as 22 cents a month in premiums.

Patients who pay discounted rates are in effect compensated by those who pay full price or opt for extra perks.

The balance of patients is, in fact, crucial. The data allow them to add more full payers, if necessary unless urgent health issues dictate otherwise. ByShetty, 58, envisions expanding from 5, hospital beds throughout India to 30, He could barely have imagined such an empire 15 years ago.

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He was interrupted in surgery one day during the s by a request to make a house call. The request was from Mother Teresa. No doubt she would be pleased by the results.The Narayana Hrudayalaya Heart Hospital (NH) in India, the largest provider of pediatric heart surgeries in the world, has reduced the unit cost of cardiac surgeries through volume (they do eight.

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This article was originally published by Brittany Hunter at There is simply no way of getting around it: American health care is exorbitantly expensive.

But while many people look to government to solve our nation’s health care woes, the .

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Top 5 Cardiac Care Hospitals in Bangalore Narayana Hrudayalaya Narayana Hrudayalaya is an institute where the rich and the poor are treated at par. The poor can avail of the services at a subsidized rate or even free of cost.

View 1MBA2_Group7_Narayana from MARKETING at Thapar University. NARAYANA HRUDAYALAYA HEART HOSPITAL CARDIAC CARE FOR THE POOR Group 7 MOHIT DALAL PRANAV RANDHAWA ANMOL. Heidelberg Medical Services, an online health solutions provider with operations in India and Germany, has partnered with Narayana Hrudayalaya Bangalore, one of the largest cardiac care centers in the world, for facilitating heart treatment in India for international patients.

Narayana hrudayalaya heart hospital cardiac care for the poor
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