Malaysia company law case study

Two years ago a Malaysian company started manufacturing and selling cookies under the brand 'ChipsPlus.

Malaysia company law case study

The given questions have been answered below. Is there Malaysia company law case study valid enforceable contract between Chen and John?

The question that has been given, itself is the issue, which is, if the contract between Chen and John is a valid one? The elements of a contract are "offer" and "acceptance" by "competent persons" having legal capacity who exchanges "consideration" to create "mutuality of obligation.

When the definition of the contract is analyzed and the given situations is considered it can be seen that it lies parallel to one another. It also creates a mutual obligation between them which is that John would build the extension of the house within the given period of time and Chen in return will give him the payment they have agreed upon.

And the situation given fulfills all the given criteria; hence the contract between John and Chen is a valid enforceable contract. Case law where the offer was a valid one: What arguments could Chen use to support his refusal to pay John more than the Original agreed price?

Here the terms and the considerations has already been decided and no clause has been put in, as to change in either because of unforeseen circumstances, and since when entering into a contract the parties are into a mutual obligation to complete the given work within the stipulated time, Chen can refuse to pay on the basis of breach of duty or the mutual obligation by the other part John - Contract Law Analysis: What we see is that Chen had agreed to pay the given price only on one condition that is the extension should have been completed by June, which certainly has not been done.

When the only reason on which the extra payment was agreed upon is not kept in mind by John, Chen can hence deny the payment on ground of breach of duty of John, and can therefore refuse to pay the extra charges that John had asked for.

Hence there are reasons which Chen can when he refuses to pay the extra amount of labor cost as his work was not done according to the terms of the contract. What arguments could Chen use to support his claim for compensation for the hotel?

Punitive damages are not available. The loss claimed must not be too remote from the breach and the non-breaching party must do what is reasonable to reduce mitigate the damage they suffer. And this was the only reason why eventually and reluctantly Chen had agreed on paying more labor cost to John.

Johnson v Perez CLR at By brining in the estoppels method, John can claim that Chen had actually promised him to pay the increased amount of labor cost and the material cost which on completion of the house extension, he cannot refuse to pay.

It was only after Chen had agreed to pay for the increased prices that John had started working. This case may also see the reference where the third party labor force used by John to complete the completion of the house is used, and thus their payment has to be made as well from the payment that comes from Chen.

Topic 2 Common law elements of contracts. Last accessed 14th Jan Damages and Equitable Compensation in a Commercial Setting. Australian Contract and Consumer Law.

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lori malaysia berhad a case study about the survival of lori malaysia berhad, a malaysian public (unlisted) company that was the country’s largest heavy haulage transport company.

Malaysia company law case study

contract (or informally known as an agreement in some jurisdictions) is an agreement having a lawful object entered into voluntarily by two or more parties,each of whom intends to create one or more legal obligations between them.

Very useful in this case study is the Act of Malaysia Contract Act that has seriously helped in analyzing the contractual issues that are arising from One’s inability and the probable chance of her winning claims for damages in the breach of contract.

In the case of Yenidje Tobacco Co Ltd 2 Ch , a company dissolution based upon the fact that the company was in reality a partnership, that deadlock between the partners is enough for dissolution, even though the business is prospering.

A Study Of Terrorist Financing In Malaysia International Law Essay. This company was established in October by Yazid Sufaat In that case, Malaysia was alleged to be use as the transit point to transfer the money from Thailand going to Indonesia.

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