Laundry business plan in bangalore

Because everyone needs to clean clothing regularly, entrepreneurs starting a laundry business may expect guaranteed demand for their product. However, the start-up costs may be significant: Building Costs Building costs include the value of the property and the price of remodeling:

Laundry business plan in bangalore

LinkedIn This is one of the few business areas where the entrepreneurs can enter the market with little or no prior training. The process of running a laundry business is simple. However, if you are able to catch up the right sector of customers, the return on investment would be very high.

About the market The market is an underrated star market. The number of organized competitors is very low making it an attractive sector. You can gain a large customer base in no time. The entry to the market is very liberal as the start up cost is very low.

The switching cost of the business might be low, but the customers do not have much choice to switch laundry business plan in bangalore, it is a vendor driven market. Capital and return on investment You would need a few laundry equipments, detergent powder stock, cater zone and a few support staff.

The office space would not cost you more than 10, rupees per month. The equipments can be leased or bought through EMI scheme.

The Laundry Basket

The other major investment is the vehicle for delivery system if required. Thus, the total capital that you would need to start up a medium scale laundry business in India is 5 lakh to 7 lakh rupees.

If you are planning to handle it by yourself and not include the delivery system, you can cut short the capital to 4 lakhs to 4. The capital involved would be reduced if you are opting for EMI or lease the equipments.

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Growth factor The number of competitors is quite low in this market. But, it does not mean that you can grow without any effort from your side. According to experts, there is no place for competitive pricing as the pricing for washing and dry washing is almost the same with all the players in the market and lowering the price would cause serious decrease in the return on investment.

The best way to make you attractive is to add more value services like heavy laundry for curtains and duvets, spot removal and so on. You can also hire a small time tailor and provide repair services. Clients High end customers would be the regular household customers and customers with special needs like dry washing their sentimental clothes.

Small time hospitality business would also look for alliances with laundry businesses. Thus, a marketing book or brochure is very essential. To get a better customer base, you need to advertise your business in the online and offline yellow pages and other directories.

It would be effective if you are able to create a website where people can book your services. The other tip to attract more customers is to provide loyalty rewards like membership cards and discounts.

Scope of the market With more number of working women in the country, this business has a better scope than it had, a decade ago.

It is estimated that by the end ofmore than three million households would be requiring similar service in a weekly or even daily basis. It is better to start up your business in the most populated cities.

Delhi is already controlled by the washer men and thus, it is better to focus on the south Indian cities where the exposure of the market is very less.

All the households would have a small washing machine hindering the business. In case of hostels, mansions and other places where bachelors are found, the presence of washing machine would be doubtful.

laundry business plan in bangalore

Thus, your stand in the market would be better, if you are serving such a clientele. There is a 3. However, there is no subsequent increase in the supply. Thus, this is a market in demand. You can either start a full-fledged laundry service or lease a few coin laundry machines.

But, the latter method is not very popular in India and with the cheap rate of washing machine, the business is not profitable.

Start with less amount of human resource as you would be using machines to handle your load.If you are an entrepreneur looking for a business plan opportunities in the Laundry sector, then a Wash & Save franchise will be the perfect platform to achieve your business goals.

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Let's talk Commercial Laundry! As dry cleaning and laundry business in India is evolving at a brisk growth rate we at Wash and Save are offering feasible yet profitable business opportunity to aspiring franchisees. Franchising offers a huge opportunity to be your own boss minus the risks associated with starting a business from scratch.

Though there were a few old players in the laundry business in India like Jyothy Fabricare Services, Wassup is the first one which has fine-tuned its operation for nationwide scale.

Currently, Laundromat business is not popular in India. There are several reasons for it, i.e. Labour is cheap, Maids are easily available, large nos. of unorganised market, people want everything under one roof (like Pick up and delivery, Ironing and Dry Cleaning).

laundry business plan in bangalore

According to KPMG, the retail laundry business in India is around र5, crore. Jyothy Laboratories-owned Fabric Spa aims to open stores in India over the next three years.

Pressto has around 11 stores in Delhi and Mumbai, and plans to open up around 20 stores by the end of March.

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