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Perry is very well known and highly regarded by all within the dog training profession.

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He became very interested in dogs as a young boy growing up in Cherry Hill, NJ. His fascination soon grew into a passion, which ultimately led to a long career as a highly decorated Police K9 Officer in Medford Township, NJ.

He has trained thousands of companion and Police dogs, many of which have won awards at National competitions. Perry is an expert at diagnosing and solving behavioral problems, even those that others have considered unsolvable. Always be fair and kind to your dog and at the end of each lesson love and praise your dog!

Has over 33 years of K9 law enforcement handler and dog training experience. Is recognized as one of the top dog trainers in the United States for companion and law enforcement related dog training disciplines. Is one of only a few dog-training professionals qualified to serve as an expert witness in Federal Court for Police K9 related litigation cases.

Has consistently earned the highest recommendations by the veterinary community. Clients find him to be very engaging, likable and effective. These qualities and her level of commitment are most evident when she is training or caring for dogs.

Terri oversees our Puppy School and Agility Training programs.

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If you have a new puppy addition to your family, Terri will ensure that your pup is properly trained. In virtually all cases this will prevent behavioral or environmental related issues from developing. Those issues are common in untrained puppies.

Terri is a registered nurse RN and nutrition buff. Her fitness and Nutrition programs are well thought out and provide another advantage for your puppy. He obtained a potentially suitable rescue dog, Barley, that was aggressive toward threatening strangers but unfortunately also toward everyone else.

This positive outcome led Curtis to seek, outside of his regular employment, a deeper involvement in dog training. Starting from and continuing into he worked as a trainer and K9 decoy.

Rehabilitating dog aggressive, people aggressive, and nervous dogs into happy home companions. Training police K9s in criminal apprehension, including one of the youngest dogs to hit the streets 11 months. Turning companion dogs into fierce personal and home protectors.

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Working with special needs individuals. Curtis lives on his family farm with his wife, grandmother, and two daughters. Barley is now happily retired. They practice and embrace his proven dog training philosophy and methods, and they share a deep love for dogs and people.

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Coming from a diverse set of professional backgrounds, they bring special skill sets to our training program. Their areas of expertise include: Leaders in K9 Search and Rescue organizations Military Veterinary technicians Dog groomers Please feel free to come out and experience the excitement that we share with our clients and their companions.Add extension of timberdesignmag.comgeSettingsProvider extension point and specify your provider in "class" attribute.

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