Assertionerror view function mapping is overwriting an existing endpoint function home

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Assertionerror view function mapping is overwriting an existing endpoint function home

About the Author Introduction Microsoft SharePoint started life as a collaboration tool that allowed teams to create basic web sites and use them for sharing documents. Building on this idea, the good folks at Microsoft added some integration between Microsoft Office applications and SharePoint, allowing documents to be opened and edited from a SharePoint site in the same way as a network file share.

Given that the aim of the game was to make collaboration easier, this worked very well. Users had a central location for all documents relating to a particular project and could seamlessly access them.

There was a drawback, however: This system was great for static documents, such as Microsoft Word docs, that can easily be displayed on a web site without losing any of their original functionality. But what about interactive documents such as Microsoft Excel? A static spreadsheet is no more useful than a list of numbers in a Word document.

In effect, Excel Services provide the calculation and display engine of Microsoft Excel as a server-side component. It allows documents created using the Excel client application to be stored on a SharePoint site and used via a web browser, all without the need to install the Excel client application.

SharePoint extends this concept. Furthermore, the addition of a JavaScript object model means that the calculation and visualization capabilities of Excel can now easily be used to deliver richer browser-based applications. In addition to the functionality of Excel Services, Microsoft also provides Office Web Applications, web-based versions of Microsoft Office tools that can be deployed as a feature on SharePoint Server Using the Excel web application also allows real-time sharing of web-based Excel documents: Excel is very much the tool of choice when it comes to analyzing numerical data.

With SharePointMicrosoft has extended this offering to Excel Servicesan updated version of the existing Excel Services functionality, and the Excel Web Application, a browser-based version of the Excel client application.

Comprising Excel Calculation Services and potentially a collection of user-defined functions, Excel Services is responsible for loading workbooks and performing appropriate calculations. Where workbooks contain links to external data or user-defined functions, Excel Calculation Services is responsible for making the appropriate connections and loading any required external assemblies.

Excel Calculation Services maintains a session for each open workbook user, and the session remains open until it is either explicitly closed by the user or it times out.

Furthermore, when loading workbooks into memory, Excel Services maintains a cache of workbooks as well as any associated external datasets. Excel Calculation Services does not support the complete range of features offered by the Excel client application.

In the previous version of Excel Services, if a workbook contained a feature that was unsupported, it was impossible to load it using Excel Services. This allows users to continue using supported features within Excel Services without having to modify the spreadsheet.

User-Defined Functions As mentioned, Excel Calculation Services has the responsibility of calling external functions as required by a workbook.

assertionerror view function mapping is overwriting an existing endpoint function home

User-defined functions UDFs make it easy to extend the capabilities of Excel Services to include interactions with external systems as well as custom calculation logic. In fact, anything that can be defined using a. However, when it comes to accessing the results of those calculations both programmatically and for display purposes, the Excel Client Service provides a number of different mechanisms.

I was involved in the redesign of a hydrocarbon accounting system. Hydrocarbon accounting, for those uninitiated in the art, is a consequence of the fact that most oil extraction companies do not operate refineries or their own dedicated pipelines.

Generally speaking, a refinery operator provides a pipeline that connects up all oil extraction companies to the refinery. In an ideal world where oil was just oil, this would be a straightforward affair; oil extraction companies would simply meter how many barrels of oil they sent down the pipeline and receive payment from the refinery based on the number of barrels.

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In fact, oil is a generic name for a collection of hydrocarbons, each with different relative values—for example, lighter hydrocarbons that make up petroleum tend to have higher values than the heavier components of bitumen.

As a consequence of the different hydrocarbon blends that are pumped into the pipeline by each extractor, each blend must be periodically sampled to determine exactly which hydrocarbons are present, and these samples are used to determine which portion of the consolidated mix that reaches the refinery belongs to which extractor.

Considering that a pipeline may have 40 to 50 different extractors and each extractor may have several different wells all producing a different blend, you can see that determining the relative value of the product being pumped is no easy feat.

Samples were stored in a database and were extracted into a complex series of spreadsheets that were ultimately used to produce statements for the connected extraction companies. Since the application worked its magic on the client, all calculations had to be performed in real-time whenever a statement was required.

As you can imagine, this was a time-consuming process. However, given the technologies of the day, Excel as a calculation engine was unsurpassed and the system worked well for a number of years. Now to get back to UDFs and Excel Services—had I been rebuilding this system today, Excel Services would have allowed the calculations to be performed on the server.Home: Archives: Categories: Tags: About: 努力的Coder Beijing, China 关注我.

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VIEW ALL DOCS. DOCUMENTATION. Be aware of the behavior and rules when you assign default values to custom fields. To apply a different default value for different record types, use the record type as a merge field in a CASE function within the default field value setup. For Linux debug support, the GNU debugger (GDB) can be used with the Stratix ® 10 SoC Virtual Platform. The Stratix ® 10 SoC Virtual Platform provides the following: Intel ® provides a pre-built Linux kernel for use with the virtual platform. Home; About; Flask request. Flask request @([python,flask] raise AssertionError('View function mapping is overwriting an existing endpoint function: %s' % endpoint) timberdesignmag.com_functions[endpoint] = view_func add_url_rule은 route decorator로부터 url macthing 및 method 등의 rule을 생성해서 WSGI에 등록하는 과정을.

AssertionError: View function mapping is overwriting an existing endpoint function: main. Identity-to-Port Mapping—A method for a switch to define the identity on a port to which an endpoint is connected, and to use this identity to look up a particular SGT value in the Cisco ISE server.

ArcGIS REST API Home Location-based services Services reference Users, groups, Existing Statistics function supports a new syntax. The help document has been updated.

a tileServers property that advertises multiple subdomains on a map service endpoint;. Jul 10,  · The problem is, when we syncronize that users with their provisioning roles, some existing account privileges (or attributes) could be overwritten.

What is the best approach to do that in order to minimize the risks and to avoid overwriting Correlation Attribute 4. perform Explore & Correlate on AD endpoint 5. inclusion between. Puppet Server provides a new endpoint, /status/v1/services, which can provide basic Java Virtual Machine-level metrics related to the current Puppet Server process’s memory usage.

To request this data, make an HTTP GET request to Puppet Server with a query string of level=debug.

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